Where do we Find a Pastor?


Last Saturday morning I was trying to give some maintenance to my body, walking at one of our YMCA’s track. It amazed me how many cars in the parking lot, the gym packed with people of all ages, grandparents, parents and so many children in uniform.

Organizing my thoughts to visit our seventh church without permanent Senior pastor (five churches already have called interim pastors) I recognized one of our senior pastors bowing his head and leading two basketball teams. What a moment to pray with them, to model Jesus to so many kids but to their parents and grandparents also. What an opportunity for this pastor’s children to be so proud of their daddy being their coach.

Where do we find a pastor? Is the question of now eight churches. Where is the pastor that God has sent to our congregation? Churches from Stanly and Cabarrus are contacting us for resumes, because it is everywhere. Some of our associations have twelve churches without senior pastor. Pastors are retiring and a new generation of men of God are ready to continue God’s work.

Where do we find a pastor? Churches want to see a YouTube video of their candidate or have him for a sermon trial to decide. Maybe because the pastor will become the façade of the church and if he is a good speaker, then he might be a good pastor, but also keep and bring people to the church. Not many Pastoral Search Committees ask the candidate when does he pray with his wife, or if he dates her, or if he coaches his children. Questions about his prayer life, what book of the Bible is he reading, or if he is part of a board, either Social Services, Health Department, YMCA, Pregnancy Center.

It is interesting to see a pastor involved in his community, known by parents and children, loved by grandparents and be the man that points to Jesus in his private and public life. Will you, please, pray for all our pastors, and for the eight churches that are searching. We all need wisdom, but we want a pastor that is not afraid to get his snickers, his jeans and go out there and be his children’s coach, backed by a church that takes pride in seeing him involved, giving and sharing outside the church building, like Jesus did. I hope you want to find your pastor involved in the community, being light in the darkness, so his sermons touch and his prayer life will be stronger. Thank you, Matt, for being the role model children in East Rowan need.

Your local missionary,

Jonas Perez

Association Missionary Strategist