Why Children Make Wonderful Helpers

“Samuel lay down until the morning; then he opened the doors of the Lord’s house. He was afraid to tell Eli the vision,” 1 Samuel 3:15

I wish children will discover this summer how they can help in your church and ministry. I hope we soon realize that children are the most valuable assets in any congregation. There are several reasons why children are vital in any church. I want to share with you two of them. First, God begins working in many women and men of God, when they are children. It is true that God can and will save adults and use them powerfully, but Samuel started his ministry: To open the doors of the temple, when he was a young boy. He had his task, not as Eli’s sons, but he had an important work to be done daily. Did he complain? His mother raised him to love and fear God and soon God started talking with Samuel. This young boy gained the respect and admiration of many, when he was not yet a teenager.

Second, Samuel was transparent with authority. When Eli requested to hear God’s message, the fear and shame in the young helper was evident. Eli had to insist to listen to God’s revelation until the boy gave it up. When we have young helpers, they will be bold to witness, to talk, to answer, to do much more than what was required from them. They are transparent to say things and to show their own feelings, enthusiasm, joy, fear, sadness, loneliness.

Yes, they are a treasure and God made our children to remind us of our youth dreams, our expectations our passion for our Creator. Will you reach out to children in your neighborhood this summer? Is your church planning a camp, Back Yard Bible Class, Vacation Bible School? Do not get disappointed because it is so expensive. Hannah trained Samuel when he was very young, against the perils of living in the temple. We can also prepare our children, equipping them with Faith and the Bible, to respond to the temptations of these days.

Pray for more and more workers in your church, the labor is plenty, but the workers are few. We all want to bring the little children and the teenagers to a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your local missionary,

Jonas Perez

Association Missionary Strategist