Bringing back to life: CrossLife in Spencer

This month, I want to open with the first of four challenges for 2019. It is local blessing CrossLife Baptist Church. It used to be First Baptist Spencer. I can tell you so many wonderful things that God has been doing since August when Thomas, Tiffany and Rylee McDonald came to Spencer to serve us reaching Rowan with the Gospel. Lead by Cabarrus Baptist Association, Dr. Steve Sells’ ministry, “Operation Transformation” and supported by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, CrossLife has been reaching and sharing God’s love in Rowan County’s front yard.
I want to share with you what Thomas has expressed to me are the needs that the building on 215 5th Street in Spencer has. There are some photos here and some at the end of the newsletter that show you how you and your Baptist on Missions group and WMU can help in spreading the Gospel in this community. Contact Thomas McDonald if God is talking to you to offer a hand:

Call 315-992-8159 or email:

- At this point we are having some leaking problems from the flat roof on the side that we are worshipping on. I have a few men within the church that are looking into to see if they can get this fixed or we may have to look at calling a professional. Cost on this is unknown just because we don't how serious of a problem this is quite yet. We are looking at rolling what they call a "ceilatech" on the roof which we can buy for less than $100. If this doesn't work to solve the leaking problems we will have to call a professional. (Cost would be unknown on that)

-When first walking into the door at CrossLife one would see that painting definitely needs to be done. Throughout the entrance way, the hallway, and the vestibule area this all needs a fresh coat of paint. I estimate this being about $200 in cost for the paint.
-The carpet throughout the entrance, the vestibule, and the hallway is worn out and old. We would love to be able to go with a new a luxury vinyl flooring. (I estimate this being about $6/square ft. The total project for this would probably cost between $1500- $2000 just depending on the cost of the floor per square footage.)

-Updating the light fixtures is also something that would be on the "wish list" for CrossLife. This can be done in this main entrance way for $300.00 or so.

-The men and women's bathrooms on the main floor needs painting and some repairs. The walls will need to be scraped and looked at to make sure mold is not an issue or if there are any other issues present. This would need to be done before any painting is done. The women's bathroom has a toilet that is inoperable and that will need to be fixed as well. Total cost estimation for the two bathrooms with painting will be roughly $250-$500 depending on what all would need to be done.

-The office suite needs a fresh coat of paint as well. In the front room of the suite is where we keep the kids for our nursery right now. Painting for the offices would be $200-$300.

-The fellowship hall is our worship center at this present time. Lots needs to be updated in this area. We desperately need a fresh coat of paint in this area. We can paint it for $400-$500 maybe a little more. This will give it a "new" look. We need new curtains on the windows. The curtains are very outdated (not positive on pricing for this). New light fixtures would help out lighting in our worship area a lot. This will probably be one of the last things we'd do, but it on the wish list for sure. This would probably be in the ballpark of $1500 to do the painting, the curtains, and the lighting.

-Also, in the fellowship hall we only have 38 of the "red" chairs you see in the picture. This means after we begin averaging more than 38 people in our worship service we will go to a different kind of chair. The problem with these chairs are we will never find the same chairs to buy more. The only chair we have to offer is the metal chairs. It would be absolutely awesome if we could have a donor donate new chairs for our worship area. If we can start off with 50-60 new chairs we can always order more of the same chair as we grow in number. This will be a pretty high expense. ($2000 would get us started)

-Mounting the tv we own and buying an additional tv with mounting. We would then need help with an electrician to get us wired with the cables and power going to the tv's. We can buy an additional tv for about $250 if we buy the same tv we already have and then if we can get an electrician to donate his time in getting us an outlet on each wall where they would be mounted. I'd say we could do all of this for around $500.

-Of course this is only material things that we are asking help with. If anyone would be interested in donating towards the actual ministry of the church, that would be great as well. We are always needing funds for doing ministry itself!

If you have any questions at all or need more details I can come by and speak with you again. Our crowd was off terribly yesterday so we will do one this coming Sunday at our Christmas service!

Thank you so much!

In Christ,

Thomas McDonald

Your local missionary,

Jonas Perez

Association Missionary Strategist