Lift Your Pastor, He is Under Constant Attack

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.   1 Peter 5:8

 October is over, November is knocking our doors with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Christmas season, right around the corner. I pray that your pastor’s recognition month does not close with Halloween. I want to encourage you to honor and recognize your leaders all year round.

 Michael Lewis and Andy Spencer, in their work “Lift your pastor,” write “There is nothing more discouraging for a pastor than conflicts. Conflicts that occur within the church can take the wind out of his visionary sails. It causes the pastor to be disheartened and discouraged. How can people that confess to know the Lord Jesus act with such hatred toward one another and even to him?” and they add “when I was young in the ministry, I could remember a man…holding up his watch at me while I was preaching; after the sermon, he stormed out of the church, refusing to shake my hand.”

I feel very sad for such immature action from this man with his watch. I understand he was very concerned with time, but we can all learn to support our pastors all year round. Accepting that God can speak through the chosen man of God for your congregation. Please, do not stop praying for your pastor, because October is over. He is as human as you and is tempted more often that you can imagine. Remember, if Jesus was tempted, your pastor will too. Our job is to be the praying bodyguards of our pastors.

I hope this Thanksgiving season will be time for open doors in your church, so you can welcome the lost and the less fortunate. I pray that every one of our Rowan churches will care for families in our communities.

My prayer also goes for our elections process, so we can bring unity among us and increase the opportunities to share the Gospel through the people we elect to serve at the various offices.

Please, pray so we can strengthen our Baptist on Mission, Baptist Men and emergency response. The Lord opens so many doors to serve and share Jesus. We need organized Baptist on Mission in every church. We brought an open invitation from Pete Teague, last Monday 22 at our annual meeting, to help any of our Rowan churches grown and strengthen any your Baptist on Mission group. We do not complain nor look back to what we did decades ago. The Lord can use Pete Teague and people from our convention to help us develop stronger and evangelistic servants in your church too.

Happy Thanksgiving,  

Your local missionary,


Jonas Perez

Association Missionary Strategist