Reverend R. N. Huneycutt Scholarship 

The purpose of this fund will be to assist students whose lives have been committed to a full - time, church - related vocation to get a proper education for their calling; and to assist in properly equipping those who have been called into full - time, church - related vocations who were called out of a Rowan Southern Baptist Association church.

Annual scholarships of variable amounts as the income from the fund may provide will be awarded to students currently enrolled at a college, university, Bible Institute, or seminary that is sponsored either by the Southern Baptist Convention or by one of the state Baptist conventions affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. An applicant must provide a copy of documentation from the post - secondary institution indicating he or she fulfills this specification.

The student must provide a formal, written statement from his/her church to the effect that the student has indeed committed his/her life to a full - time, church - related vocation.

On the separate Scholarship/Finance information form that follows the application, the applicant must provide his or her name and address, a contact number where he or she can be reached, and the name and address of the post - secondary institution and its finance officer. Include a contact number and e - mail address for the finance officer, and the dates when funds are due each semester or quarter.


  • To determine eligibility, refer to the above criteria established by the Huneycutt Scholarship founders.
    From the post - secondary institution acquire documents that verify your enrollment in good standing.
    From the Rowan Southern Baptist Association church where you are a member in good standing, acquire a letter attesting that you have committed your life to a full - time church - related vocation.
    Either pick up a copy of the R. N. Huneycutt Scholarship application from the Rowan Southern Baptist Association office, or download and print a copy of the application. Your application with related documents attached must be submitted as hard copies. Type or print your answers legibly in black ink. Illegible applications will be returned.
    Please provide all information requested. Incomplete applications will be returned. As requested, application information will be kept confidential.
    Return the completed application with all documents attached by May 15 or November 15 to:

Huneycutt Scholarship Committee
c/o Rowan Southern Baptist Association
832 South Main Street
Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 - 5436

Please address any questions or concerns to a member of the Reverend R. N. Huneycutt Scholarship Committee whose telephone number, land mail, and/or e - mail addresses are available from the Administrative Assistant at the Rowan Southern Baptist Association office.

Scholarship recipients will receive two copies of a formal award letter via mail. It will be the recipient’s responsibility to forward one copy to the institution.

Download Application: