Impacting Lostness In Rowan County Through Disciple Making


Acts 8:1

Saul agreed with putting him to death. On that day, a severe persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout the land of Judea and Samaria.

God has his way of spreading the Gospel. In Acts 1:8, Jesus told his followers to go to the ends of the earth preaching the message of redemption. Since they stood comfortably seeing Jerusalem growing into a Mega Church, God sent persecution to spread to the believers and the Gospel. Are we waiting for this kind of move to take the Gospel out of the pulpit and into our neighborhoods?

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina defines lostness as “geographic areas that can range from a half mile to 2 miles in radius. The people in these pockets are often very diverse. In most cases, there is ethnic, income, education and other areas of diversity present, which has been documented through demographic and field research. The key understanding of these pockets, however, is lostness.

In each of these pockets, there is an extremely low number of people who identify themselves as having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In most cases, more than 70 percent of the people in these pockets would not claim to have a personal relationship with our Lord.

So, when we write and talk about lostness it is not necessarily drug dealing, human traffic, violence, vices or abuse. We are talking about professionals, students and families that come from other states and nations that never have heard the Gospel and have no personal relationship with Jesus. We want to disciple our church members to make them aware of this segment of the population. Our students that come to church with us must be alert to share Jesus in their schools, with their teachers and peers. Our church members may come to work, to shop and any public scenario, aware that we have many lost people around us. Church programs may help reach the lost, but effective discipleship, where every family is involved in praying, reaching and sharing Jesus with their neighbors at home, school and work have proven to be more effective.

This is not about having our church buildings full and enough money to cover our church programs, Hallelujah if we can!!! This is about making our church members disciples that want to disciple those around them. It is to take the message out of the Sunday pulpit and give him the legs, hands and eyes of Jesus to reach with compassion those around us, where they are.


Acts 8:1 proves that God is very resourceful in making his disciples fulfill Acts 1:8. Are we ready to obey and make every believer a local missionary? Praise the Lord!



Jonas Perez

Director of Missions




Update on Venezuela

Thank you for praying for Venezuela. We all need to focus our prayers in the risk that North Korea brings with its nuclear bomb testing. We need to pray that this nation ends its provocation and destruction of natural resources.


For those of you that have been contacting me about Venezuela, I thank you for your prayers. On July 31st, the socialist government elected a parallel congress that they can control. Two days later, this pseudo congress, started writing laws and bringing to court and prison all opposition leaders. This pseudo congress was rejected by many nations including the USA and has add more tension within Venezuela. The whole election process was criticized and proven to be against the constitution. The socialist government had to call this parallel congress in effect, because the people elected congress is stopping all wrong doing by the socialists.


Few days later, President Donald Trump declared that the USA does not discard a possible military action against Venezuelan government. This is what the socialist government was waiting for. Immediately the alarm sound and the call to “protect the country against the imperialist predator” rang. Older people were called to train in military exercises.   There are many videos and photos of people over 60 years old preparing themselves to defend Venezuela against the USA. The intention resembles the human shields that Muhammar Khadafy used in Libya some years ago. In Venezuela, one older man already died of a heart attack, due to the heavy requirements of the military training.


Please, pray for Venezuela as it suffers the cruelty of a socialist government that struggles to stay in power at any price, even the lives of its citizens.